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The World’s Leading Private Jet Charter & Air Ambulance Company of Choice

Executive Charter
Our Learjet 60 aircraft are able to convert to Medevac config within 1 hour. Because of the lower operating costs, we are able to provide competitive price to our clients at 5-star services.
Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance services using our own Learjet 60 aircrafts is our main revenue generator.Under this segment, the jets will fly further and more frequently. The demand for this service is extremely high.
VIP Jet Card
MONSPACE Jet Card is ideal for our frequent flyer. Member will pre-purchase block hours at discount as well as enjoy various benefits like free limousines etc.Clients may also use the hours for their clients.
Group Charter
MONSPACE Aviation also provides B737-800 jetliner charter services for bigger groups like and travel agencies.These operations will be done with cooperation with our affiliate companies.
Aircraft Management
There are aircraft owner are underutilizing their aircraft usage. MONSPACE Aviation provides a solution for these owners to maximize its usage and offset significant ownership costs. Vendors shall list their aircraft under our AOC and we shall charter them out.


MONSPACE AVIATION is an aviation company that specializes in Private Jet Charter & Air Ambulance services. We strongly believe that by benchmarking ourselves against the industry with an internationally recognized standard, we equip our team with the right tools to drive best practices, thus allowing us as a brand to lead by example. We are powered by a team of experienced aviators and entrepreneurs. We operate under ASP (MAVCOM) & Malaysian AOC (CAAM).


Air Ambulance

We have engaged with insurance companies & private hospitals to use our medevac services. Our scope of operations covers any area in the world. We will also partner with other private jet operators such as Seletar Jets, Ojets, Vistajets. For air ambulance we shall partner up with Air ambulance operator like the Red Star Air Ambulance.


Global Presence

Our network of Flight agents is established in various countries. These includes conventional offline agents to online agent similar to Trivago for the jet operators. Travel Agents will operate as flight agents as well. MONSPACE Aviation will approach various government agencies for business such as the Health Ministry, Tourism Ministry & Foreign Ministry. MONSPACE Aviation will also work with various organisations from the finance industry, oil & gas industry as well as from the medical industry.


Aviation + Blockchain

Although the aviation industry has achieved tremendous growth in recent years, it still faces many problems that need to be solved with technology such as passenger information, security maintenance, ticketing data, and resistance to hacks. Blockchain technology can help solve these problems through its transparent, permanent and secure distributed ledger. By adopting blockchain technology, airlines will be able to create more effective service models and provide customers with better service and safety.


Future Business

MONSPACE will embark on this business segment to perform MRO services to our own fleet as well as 3rd party’s aircrafts. Ground handling is a crucial part of private aviation business. Eventually we will acquire the license to perform GH services for our own operations as well as 3rd party’s requirements.



In order for us to achieve our corporate and operational targets, it is of upmost importance for us to be at the cutting edge of technology and operate the company exceeding international standards. Our team has many years of experience in the aviation industry and our integration of new operational technologies with our human asset development will further strengthen our position in the air charter market.